Irina Ortega

Senior Consultant & Manager, Training & Participatory Strategies of Storytellers for Change

Irina is a participatory design facilitator, researcher, anthropologist, and environmental justice consultant. At Storytellers for Change, Irina is the Manager of Training and Participatory Strategies. In this role, she oversees the design and implementation of our storytelling training programs and participatory learning and action consulting projects.

She has over a decade of experience co-designing social impact projects in the U.S. and various regions of Mexico, facilitating leadership and storytelling workshops. Some of her clients have included Isla Urbana, Bath University, Juarez Strategic Plan, Cantaro Azul, Neighborhood House, Conexiones Climaticas, Anchorage University, Intuit Inc. and UNICEF, amongst others. In 2015, Irina co-founded SAYA, a non-profit organization based in Mexico driven by a mission to empower communities through participatory design and leadership development. Most recently, she served as the Deputy Director of Environmental Education and Sustainability in the City of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Throughout her academic and work experience, Irina has developed a strong commitment and belief in civic engagement and participation for social change and environmental justice.

10:55 AM | Telling Your Story

Marshal Ganz said it best, “Stories communicate our values through the language of the heart and it is what we feel—our hopes dreams, and values—not simply what we know that can inspire others to act.” In this session, we will discuss how stories facilitate change and we will practice crafting our Stories of Self to inspire action.